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By Dawn Allcot October 11, 2022
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11 Reddit Stocks To Buy in September 2022 (2)

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Since the Reddit subthread r/WallStreetBets gained fame – and some level of notoriety – in the winter and spring of 2021, the social network has become a surprising source of investment tips and guidance.

Reddit stocks carry a level of intrigue that can make investing fun. What are some of the stocks that Reddit investors believe could break out this fall?

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What Stocks Are Reddit Stocks?

Retail video game chain GameStop might be the first stock that comes to mind when people think of “Reddit stocks,” followed closely by AMC movie theaters and then, perhaps, retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond. Many Reddit stocks are household names and that is part of their appeal. It is fun and exciting to invest in brands commonly used and loved.

However, Reddit stocks hail from a variety of industries and market sectors, with market caps of varying sizes. They can range from companies like Tesla to cannabis company Canopy Growth Corp.

What Stocks Are Hot Right Now on Reddit?

What stocks are hot right now on Reddit, and which stocks are Redditors suggesting you should buy and hold? These 10 stocks could be rocketing straight “to the moon,” as the Redditors say.

1. GameStop

Arguably the “original” Reddit stock, GameStop is still showing growth potential more than two-and-a-half years after its initial rally. It shows up as one of the top trending stocks on Reddit, according to ApeWisdom.io, and that interest alone may lead to a rally, as it did in 2020 when Redditors drove the stock price largely by creating buzz around it.

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The stock is down 22% for the year, and analysts deem GameStop bearish right now. Many are calling it a “sell,” with doubts that the retail firm can ever fully recover in today’s economic climate. “Concerns about the company’s ability to remain afloat in today’s challenging macroeconomic backdrop have weighed on its valuation,” writes Capital.com.

However, for those with faith in the company and in chairman Ryan Cohen’s ability to steer the company toward success, the stock is definitely on sale right now.

2. Tesla

Following the Tesla 3-for-1 stock split on August 25, 2022, Tesla stock could be a better value than ever before. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, Tesla is a company with strong fundamentals and tons of free cash flow in a market that only promises to grow. Post-split, this could be the lowest price you’ll see — potentially ever. That’s why it’s not just Redditors but financial experts rating Tesla a buy now.

3. NIO

If you invest in the electric vehicle market but Tesla is too rich for your blood, consider Chinese EV manufacturer NIO. Stocks dropped after the company’s second-quarter earnings call showed a larger-than-expected loss. Redditors love the stock, with investors observing that the second-quarter results were not a surprise. Redditor MilesRover1974 said, after the release of the report, “Smart money sees this opportunity clearly. If you’re long-term, take the discounted shares.”

Building Wealth

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4. Amazon

Amazon is a household name in e-commerce and the stock’s popularity on Reddit is rising, too, according to ApeWisdom.io. The site shows that mentions of the stock are up by 20% in the past 24 hours. A promising second-quarter earnings call, which showed sales revenue at $121 billion — $2 billion ahead of projections — put the stock on an upswing. In the past three months, 38 investors on TipRanks gave Amazon a “buy” rating, with just one rating it a “hold.” Again, if you’re looking for a long-term investment, Amazon has a solid history and a strong future.

5. Bed, Bath & Beyond

With close to 1,200 mentions in the past 24 hours as of Sept. 7, 2022, Bed, Bath & Beyond is currently the most mentioned stock on Reddit right now, according to ApeWisdom.io.

Sadly, chief financial officer Gustavo Arnal recently jumped to his death from his high-rise Manhattan apartment, according to CNN. This was on the heels of a class action lawsuit that accused Arnal, along with investor Ryan Cohen and other Bed, Bath & Beyond shareholders, of a “pump and dump” scheme, CNN.com writes. Bed, Bath & Beyond shares fell amidst the turmoil. Undeniably, the stock is one of the most-watched lately, and while most investors are bearish on it, changes in company leadership could precipitate a turnaround for the company. Experts at Zacks Equity Research, in an article at Yahoo! Finance, peg Bed, Bath & Beyond as a “hold” for now.

6. Zoom

Zoom, like GameStop, benefited from the pandemic and people spending more time at home. It gets mixed reviews on Reddit and from financial analysts alike. Roughly one-third of Wall Street analysts recommend Zoom as a “strong buy.” Another 9% are calling it a “buy,” and more than half say you’ll want to “hold” this one. Now trading at $81, Zoom could reach a high of $235 by next year, with an average price target of $123, according to WallStreetZen.com.

Videoconferencing is not going anywhere and Zoom remains one of the top platforms for everyday users and businesses alike. Investors Business Daily reports that Zoom has underperformed the S&P 500 by 18%, but it still has a strong balance sheet that makes its future look bright.

7. Palantir Technologies

Palantir stockholders took some heavy losses in August, with the stock falling more than 25%. A lackluster earnings report, coupled with interest rate hikes that saw many high-tech growth stocks drop, pushed this Reddit favorite down to a price where you can scoop up some shares at a tremendous value. The Motley Fool reports that the company has $2.4 billion in cash holding and no debt, making it a solid company poised for growth and an enticing investment if you’re interested in high-growth tech stocks.

8. AMC

AMC Entertainment is one of the original meme stocks pumped by Redditors and swept up amid the GameStop-mania during the pandemic. Today, the stock has its own Reddit subthread, r/amcstock.

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Many Redditors are bullish about the stock, which dipped more than 37% in August, according to Fool.com. The company released a new class of preferred shares as a dividend to common equity holders. The new class of stock, AMC Preferred Equity, gives AMC a means to raise capital without diluting AMC shares.

In light of AMC’s biggest competitor, Cineworld, speaking about a potential bankruptcy, AMC could be a good buy right now and a long-term hold. As people begin to return to the movies, and AMC finds ways to differentiate and increase profits through special events and its loyalty program, the stock could see long-term gains.

9. Apple

In anticipation of the release of the new iPhone 14 release in September 2022, Redditors have been talking about Apple. The big tech stock, like so many others, has been in a slump recently. It jumped up slightly after the iPhone 14 announcement, but not enough to deter you from investing now.

Apple remains a solid long-term investment, with Motley Fool calling it “the most valuable publicly traded company.” Apple is down 13% in this bear market, but it’s holding value better than the S&P 500, as a whole, which is down 17% from its high, and NASDAQ, which is down 26%, Fool.com reported. It has enough going for it, including a dividend, to make it a worthwhile buy and hold.

10. Nvidia

Chip manufacturer Nvidia, whose semiconductors are frequently used in gaming computers, posted lackluster earnings that drove the stock down. However, the company continues to lead the industry for both data center supercomputers and GPUs. Plus, opportunities abound in the automotive market. Reddit users, especially members of WallStreetBets, are largely positive about Nvidia’s prospects, too, with 56% of comments about the stock positive, according to APEWisdom.io.

11. AMD

It would be wrong to mention Nvidia without mentioning competitor AMD. Expert analysts are calling Advanced Micro Devices a buy right now. Fool.com reported that it showed 70% revenue growth year-over-year, even as other chip manufacturers struggled. Like Nvidia, its data center business is strong.

As the semiconductor industry continues to grow, both Nvidia and AMD look to be solid buy-and-hold investments right now, with the bonus of being fun meme stocks and companies that manufacture products you’re probably using right now — whether you realize it or not.

Keep In Mind

It’s important to take advice regarding any of the so-called meme stocks, including GameStop and AMC, with a grain of salt, especially when that advice comes from retail investors and not financial professionals.

Never invest more in stocks than you can afford to lose, and make sure you are also using your discretionary income to build a well-diversified portfolio that matches your risk tolerance.

Final Take

These top trending Reddit stocks are fun to watch and discuss with other retail investors. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, keep in mind there are no guarantees with these, or any other, stocks.

A bear market provides opportunities for investors with expendable cash to bolster their portfolios. You can take a chance on positions you might not want to risk at a higher price, diversify your portfolio or increase your position in favorite stocks while they are, essentially, on sale. “The lower you buy, the higher your returns are over time,” said Michael Boggiano, managing partner atWealthcare Financial, in a previous GOBankingRates.com article.

Whether you invest now or watch the market a while longer, these buzzworthy Reddit stocks are worth keeping an eye on.

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Information is accurate as of Sept. 7, 2022.

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  • Corporate bonds.
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Whats stocks are trending on Reddit? ›

What stocks are trending on Reddit right now?
2SPYSPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
64 more rows
7 Sept 2022

What stock is trending now? ›

Trending Tickers
SymbolName% Change
PACBPacific Biosciences of California, Inc.+16.32%
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What do rich people invest in? ›

Instead, UHNWIs understand the value of physical assets, and they allocate their money accordingly. Ultra-wealthy individuals invest in such assets as private and commercial real estate, land, gold, and even artwork.

What is the next big investment in 2022? ›

Going into 2022, among the key market sectors to watch are oil, gold, autos, services, and housing. Other key areas of concern include tapering, interest rates, inflation, payment for order flow (PFOF), and antitrust.

What is the safest investment with highest return? ›

High-quality bonds and fixed indexed annuities are often considered the safest investments with the highest returns. However, there are many different types of bond funds and annuities, each with risks and rewards. For example, government bonds are generally more stable than corporate bonds based on past performance.

Which stock has best future? ›

Best Long Term Stocks India: Performance Overview
  • 1) Reliance Industries. ...
  • 2) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ...
  • 3) Infosys. ...
  • 4) HDFC Bank. ...
  • 5) Hindustan Unilever.
14 Oct 2022

What are the safest stocks to buy in 2022? ›

Dividend Aristocrats are considered safe stocks, as those companies have increased dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.
  1. Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK. ...
  2. The Walt Disney Company. ...
  3. Vanguard High-Dividend Yield ETF. ...
  4. Procter & Gamble. ...
  5. Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund. ...
  6. Starbucks. ...
  7. Apple.

What is the most profitable stock of all time? ›

The Best Performing Stocks in History
  • Coca-Cola. (NASDAQ: KO) ...
  • Altria. (NASDAQ: MO) ...
  • Amazon.com. (NASDAQ: AMZN) ...
  • Celgene. (NASDAQ: CELG) ...
  • Apple. (NASDAQ: AAPL) ...
  • Alphabet. (NASDAQ:GOOG) ...
  • Gilead Sciences. (NASDAQ: GILD) ...
  • Microsoft. (NASDAQ: MSFT)
22 Jul 2022

What are the top 5 stocks to invest in right now? ›

Best Stocks To Invest In Right Now
  • ServiceNow, Inc. (NYSE:NOW)
  • Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC)
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM)
  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA)
  • The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK-B)
  • Salesforce, Inc. (NYSE:CRM)
  • Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)
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Is Apple stock a buy right now? ›

Is Apple stock a buy right now? If you're a long-term investor, yes, it's a buy. The company is not going anywhere and is positioned well for the future.

What stock has highest dividend? ›

Comparison Results
NamePriceDividend Yield
T AT&T$17.109.33%
XRX Xerox$16.066.23%
IBM International Business Machines$129.905.07%
CVX Chevron$173.193.23%
5 more rows

What stocks are billionaires buying? ›

Stocks are listed by weight in the selected billionaire investor's equity portfolio, from smallest to largest.
  • S&P Global.
  • Microsoft. ...
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. ...
  • Meta Platforms. ...
  • Snowflake. ...
  • Nexstar Media Group. ...
  • Amazon.com. ...
  • Colgate-Palmolive. ...
6 Sept 2022

What 4 stocks does Warren Buffett Own? ›

Top Warren Buffett Stocks By Size

Bank of America (BAC), 1.01 billion. Apple (AAPL), 894.8 million. Coca-Cola (KO), 400 million. Kraft Heinz (KHC), 325.6 million.

How many stocks should you own? ›

Generally speaking, many sources say 20 to 30 stocks is an ideal range for most portfolios. It's important to strike a balance between investing in a diverse array of assets and ensuring that you have the time and resources to manage these investments.

How can I make $1000 a day? ›

How can you make an extra $1,000 a day fast?
  1. Deliver food with DoorDash.
  2. Dog sit and dog walk with Rover.
  3. Do projects on HomeAdvisor.
  4. Resell on eBay.
  5. Sell your own products on Etsy.
  6. Start freelance writing for blogs.
  7. Create an online course.
  8. Build a podcast following.
26 Aug 2022

How can I make a 10k faster? ›

24 Ways to Make $10,000 Fast
  1. Get a New Bank Account. ...
  2. Open a Credit Card. ...
  3. Transfer Funds to a New Brokerage Account. ...
  4. Invest in Real Estate (Roofstock, Fundrise, etc.) ...
  5. Rent Out Your Home Space. ...
  6. Teach Your Skills Privately. ...
  7. Sell Unwanted Jewelry. ...
  8. Sell Your Stuff.
9 Aug 2022

What's the smartest way to invest $1000? ›

Here are seven investment options to help you get started:
  • Start (or add to) a savings account. ...
  • Invest in a 401(k) ...
  • Invest in an IRA. ...
  • Open a taxable brokerage account. ...
  • Invest in ETFs. ...
  • Use a robo-advisor. ...
  • Invest in stocks.
13 Oct 2022

How can I make $1000 a month passive income? ›

54 Best Passive Income Ideas to Earn $1,000+ (October 2022)
  1. Invest in Dividend Growth Stocks.
  2. Invest in (crowdfunded) real estate.
  3. Earn credit card sign-up bonuses.
  4. Earn $100-$300 in new bank account promotions.
  5. Save with a High Yield Savings Account.
  6. Save with Certificates of Deposit (Brokered & Regular)
15 Oct 2022

Where should I invest in right now? ›

12 best investments right now
  • High-yield savings accounts.
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Money market funds.
  • Government bonds.
  • Corporate bonds.
  • Mutual funds.
  • Index funds.
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
27 Sept 2022

Where should I put my money now? ›

Here are a few of the best short-term investments to consider that still offer you some return.
  1. High-yield savings accounts. ...
  2. Short-term corporate bond funds. ...
  3. Money market accounts. ...
  4. Cash management accounts. ...
  5. Short-term U.S. government bond funds. ...
  6. No-penalty certificates of deposit. ...
  7. Treasurys. ...
  8. Money market mutual funds.
1 Oct 2022

Is PayPal a good stock to buy? ›

Fair Value Estimate for PayPal Stock

Our projections result in an 14% revenue CAGR over the next five years and 12% over the next 10 years. We expect the company's strong growth to propel solid margin expansion over time. We project operating margins to hit 23% by 2031, compared with 17% in 2021.

What Penny stocks are the hottest? ›

Most Active Penny Stocks
  • NAT3.050.16% Nordic American Tankers Limited.
  • WHEN0.000.00% World Health Energy Holdings, Inc.
  • DPLS0.020.00% DarkPulse, Inc.
  • IMRA3.791.21% IMARA Inc.
  • ENZC0.050.01% Enzolytics Inc.
  • HCMC0.000.00% Healthier Choices Management Corp.
  • LASE4.910.78% Laser Photonics Corporation.
  • AGFY1.450.51%

How do you pick a stock? ›

How to pick stocks: 7 things all beginner investors should know:
  1. Never invest in a business you don't understand.
  2. Understand financial ratios.
  3. Watch out for value traps.
  4. Avoid chasing high yields.
  5. Check insider activity.
  6. Assess the economic moat.
  7. Understand market risk.
9 Aug 2022

What is the best Reddit for stocks? ›

The 6 Best Investing Subreddits on Reddit
  1. r/StockMarket - 1.9 million members.
  2. r/WallStreetBets - 11.6 million users. ...
  3. r/Investing - 2 million users. ...
  4. r/Dividends - 245,222 members. ...
  5. r/Cryptocurrency - 4.5 million members. ...
  6. r/Investing_Discussion - 46,316 members. ...

Who is the target market for Reddit? ›

Highly-Engaged Audiences

People who use Reddit regularly generally do so for almost 34 minutes daily. Reddit's user base also trends toward the younger 18-35 demographic, and its users are highly active in specific segments like Gaming, Fashion, and Entertainment.

What stocks are trending on WallStreetBets? ›

Most Recent Earnings of WallStreetBets Stocks
  • SPCE. Virgin Galactic Holdings. Aug 04, 2022. ...
  • PLTR. Palantir Technologies. Aug 08, 2022. ...
  • Oct 19, 2022. 2022 (Q3) 1.00 / 1.05. ...
  • LCID. Lucid Group. Aug 03, 2022. ...
  • IRNT. IronNet. Sep 14, 2022. ...
  • GOEV. Canoo. Aug 08, 2022. ...
  • SOFI. SoFi Technologies. Aug 02, 2022. ...
  • AMD. Advanced Micro Devices. Aug 02, 2022.

How do you find the rising stock? ›

One of the key things you should look for is stocks which rise with extremely high volume. High volume moves are the breadcrumbs left behind by the smart money. You should wait for the stock to pull back on lighter volume and then look to enter the trade.

What is a good PE ratio? ›

To give you some sense of what average for the market is, though, many value investors would refer to 20 to 25 as the average P/E ratio range.

Where can I see stock live? ›

NSE - National Stock Exchange of India Ltd: Live Share/Stock Market News & Updates, Quotes- Nseindia.com.

What stock will make me rich? ›

With that in mind, these 10 stocks could make you a millionaire in 2022:
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)
  • Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A, NYSE:BRK-B)
  • Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA)
  • Nike (NYSE:NKE)
  • Innoviva (NASDAQ:INVA)
  • BrightSpere Investment Group (NYSE:BSIG)
  • The Aaron's Company (NYSE:AAN)
26 Jan 2022

Where should I invest to be a Millionaire? ›

Currently, Mutual Funds in India are considered to be one of the best investments to make money. Mutual Funds allow investors to choose from among a variety of categories with a varying risk level. And depending on their risk appetite and choice of fund option, investors can earn a return of around 12%-30% per annum.

What jobs make rich rich? ›

Here are 14 jobs that often have lucrative advancement opportunities, which can help make you a millionaire when you plan ahead and are successful in your career.
  • Professional athlete. ...
  • Investment banker. ...
  • Entrepreneur. ...
  • Lawyer. ...
  • Certified public accountant. ...
  • Insurance agent. ...
  • Engineer. ...
  • Real estate agent.

Which stocks will double in 2022? ›

Yes Securities top stock picks for 2022 also include CCL products (target price: ₹500), CRISIL (TP: ₹3,750), ICICI Pru (TP: ₹836), IGL (TP: ₹620), Prestige (TP: ₹621), Reliance (TP: ₹2,860), VMart (TP: ₹4,516), SunTeck (TP: ₹619).

Which sector will boom in 2022? ›

The consensus seems to be that the financial sector, industrial sector, capital goods will do well in 2022. Pharmaceuticals are also looking to make a mark, and a few experts have placed their bets on real estate and automobiles while others have advised against them.

What should I invest 100 in right now? ›

Our 6 best ways to invest $100 starting today
  • Start an emergency fund.
  • Use a micro-investing app or robo-advisor.
  • Invest in a stock index mutual fund or exchange-traded fund.
  • Use fractional shares to buy stocks.
  • Put it in your 401(k).
  • Open an IRA.

Which investment gives highest return in future? ›

For those looking to get higher returns on their savings, here's a list of the best investment options for you to make your wealth grow.
  • Saving Account.
  • Liquid Funds.
  • Short-Term & Ultra Short-Term Funds.
  • Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)
  • Fixed Maturity Plans.
  • Treasury Bills.
  • Gold.

Why is my 401k losing money right now 2022? ›

There are several reasons your 401(k) may be losing money. One reason is that the stock market is simply going through a down period. Another reason your 401(k) may be losing money is that you have invested in a specific company or industry that is not doing well. Finally, your 401(k) may lose money because of fees.

Which industry will boom in 2022? ›

6 fastest growing sectors in India that are expected to boom in...
  • 6 fastest growing sectors in India that are expected to boom in 2022. ...
  • Software & Technology. ...
  • Healthcare. ...
  • Renewable Energy. ...
  • Automobile Industry. ...
  • FinTech. ...
  • Real Estate.
30 May 2022

Will 2022 be a good year for stocks? ›

Economic uncertainty may have peaked in the first half of 2022, but it remains high. Stocks are likely to continue to feel the weight of Federal Reserve policy tightening, shrinking market liquidity and slower economic growth.

What will stock be in 2022? ›

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2022-2023

Ford price started in 2022 at $20.77. Today, Ford traded at $11.20, so the price decreased by -46% from the beginning of the year. The forecasted Ford price at the end of 2022 is $14.22 - and the year to year change -32%. The rise from today to year-end: +27%.

What tech stocks will do well in 2022? ›

  • The Best Tech Stocks of October 2022.
  • Apple Inc. ( AAPL)
  • Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)
  • Alphabet Inc. ( GOOGL)
  • Meta Platforms Inc. ( FB)
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM)
  • Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)
  • Samsung Electronics Co. ( SSNHZ)
3 Oct 2022

Which share is best for 5 years? ›

Best Long Term Stocks India: Performance Overview
  • 1) Reliance Industries. ...
  • 2) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ...
  • 3) Infosys. ...
  • 4) HDFC Bank. ...
  • 5) Hindustan Unilever.
14 Oct 2022

Which company is best to invest today? ›

Best Stocks to Invest in 2022
  • Reliance Industries.
  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • HDFC Bank.
  • Infosys.
14 Oct 2022

Which sectors will grow in next 5 years? ›

List of the Top Sectors in India that are Most Likely to Provide Excellent Returns-
  • Healthcare and Insurance Sector. ...
  • Renewable Energy Sector. ...
  • IT Sector. ...
  • Real Estate Sector. ...
  • Fast Moving Consumer-Goods Sector (FMCG) ...
  • Automobile Sector.
19 May 2022

How long will this bear market last 2022? ›

The bear market in the S&P 500 was confirmed on June 13th 2022, but the market began its slide on January 3rd 2022. With this date as the start of the current official bear market, the average bear market of 289 days means that it would finish on 19th October 2022.

Should I pull my money out of the stock market? ›

Although the stock market produces volatile returns, it has a long history of outpacing inflation in the long run. So, if the money you have invested in the stock market isn't going to be used in the next few years, it's likely safer to keep your money invested than to take it out.

How much will stock drop in 2022? ›

The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 has dropped nearly 33 percent so far in 2022, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 20 percent while the world's best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, shed nearly 60 percent of its value.

What will Tesla be worth in 2030? ›

Could Tesla really have $500 billion on its books at the end of 2030? One analysts believes its possible. Tesla 's cumulative free cash flow could amount to $500 billion by roughly the end of the decade, an unprecedented amount in the auto industry—or any other, for that matter.

Is Ford Buy Sell or Hold? ›

Ford Motor has received a consensus rating of Hold. The company's average rating score is 2.15, and is based on 7 buy ratings, 9 hold ratings, and 4 sell ratings.

What is Amazon stock prediction? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 43 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Amazon.com Inc have a median target of 170.00, with a high estimate of 200.00 and a low estimate of 85.00. The median estimate represents a +42.73% increase from the last price of 119.11.

Which stock is best for future? ›

A detailed table with various parameters for Best Long term Stocks to buy
1Caplin Point Labs2
3Avanti Feeds2
4Tata Metaliks0.5
1 more row
15 Sept 2022

What is the next big thing to invest in? ›

Top 5 Best Investments for 2022

Growth stocks. Value stocks. Short-term corporate bond funds. Real estate.

Is PayPal a good stock to buy? ›

Fair Value Estimate for PayPal Stock

Our projections result in an 14% revenue CAGR over the next five years and 12% over the next 10 years. We expect the company's strong growth to propel solid margin expansion over time. We project operating margins to hit 23% by 2031, compared with 17% in 2021.


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