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You don’t have to time the market “just right” to make your money work for you. You just have to know the best stocks to profit from big trends over a few months or years down the road.

5 Best Stocks To Buy Right Now For 2022 | Money Morning Money Morning - We Make Investing Profitable (1)That works even better when you own the best stocks.

And that's exactly what we have for you today - a list of the best stocks to buy now for 2022.

These stocks are curated from our experts here at Money Morning. They are some of the best stocks from the hottest sectors in the market, including tech, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and even a stock that pays you 11% returns just to own it.

Whether your New Year's resolution is to start investing in stocks or you’re simply looking for the stocks with the most potential, we're confident you'll find a great stock to add to your portfolio today.

In fact, the first stock on our list has the potential to more than double from today's prices...

The Best Tech Stock to Buy Now

The metaverse has become a household name overnight after Facebook changed its name to Meta this year.

While the metaverse hype is real – this could be the future of the Internet – Meta is hardly the best play on the trend.

The best metaverse stock, and thus one of the best stocks for 2022, is Marvell Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVL).

Marvell makes the infrastructure that makes something like the metaverse possible. It builds high-speed data centers, specialty chips, digital security, and networked “hyperscale” storage.

In short, this company makes the next phase of the tech industry’s growth possible, including the metaverse.

You see, for the metaverse to function, an unfathomable amount of data needs to be sent nearly instantaneously across networks.

That makes Marvell a “must own stock right now” according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani.

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But even more exciting are Marvell’s financials.

During its last earnings call, the company revealed its data center business has grown 109% year over year. And it isn't stopping there. Marvell predicts both its data center business and 5G business will continue growing by double digits.

Now it's expecting revenue of $1.32 billion in 2022, blasting through analyst predictions.

The Best Dividend Stock to Buy Now for 2022

Many investors make the mistake of assuming dividend paying stocks are conservative, slow-growing investments.

The reality is investors who owned dividend stocks made a 10% annual return on their money between 1986 and 2016. The overall market returned an annual gain of just 6.6% in the same time frame.

And while there's no bad time to invest in dividend stocks, this is an especially good time to lock in a solid yield.

You see, with inflation rising, investors fear the Fed could hike rates and put a lid on the market's growth. But some industries are inflation resistant. In fact, rising prices could be a good thing for some sectors, like commodities.

That's why Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani's best stock to buy here is Rio Tinto Ltd. (NYSE: RIO).

It's one of the biggest and most profitable mining companies in the world.

Rio Tinto is deeply undervalued according to Shah. It's trading 40% below its 52-week high and sports a bottom barrel price/earnings ratio of 5.29.

Shah says this stock is going to do gangbusters as the global economy gets back into gear. A little inflation won't hurt it either.

But the reason it makes our best stocks to buy list is that it pays a gargantuan dividend yield of 11.2%.

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Best Cannabis Stock to Buy Now

Cannabis investing has gone mainstream. But the good news is it's still very early in the sector's growth.

That's why one of the best stocks to buy is a cannabis company.

Twenty-two states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, while 18 have legalized marijuana for all uses, including recreational uses.

That means the size of this industry has room to more than double on state legalization alone. Never mind the growth some brands will see as they claim market share or as Americans turn to cannabis to replace expensive prescription medication or alcohol.

Simply put, this is going to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the market for years to come.

But to get the most profit potential out of this growth, investors need to get in now. The best way to do that is to target Florida.

Florida will be the fourth largest legal cannabis market in the United States by 2025. That makes it worth $2 billion a year in sales. And it hasn't even legalized marijuana for recreational use yet.

By owning multi-state operating companies building a foundation here, you'll get a double pop from Florida's legalization and the rest of the country legalizing cannabis.

The best stock to do that is Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF).

Curaleaf already operates 37 stores in Florida and plans to open 23 more by the end of next year. Even better, it operates 106 stores across the entire country and is taking over European operations too.

Cannabis investing expert Danny Brody says Curaleaf belongs as the "centerpiece in everyone's cannabis portfolio." With that sort of praise, it's no wonder the National Institute for Cannabis Investors expects this stock to soar 284% higher.

The Best EV Stock to Buy Now

You're going to have a hard time finding a more exciting sector than electric vehicles (EV).

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After Tesla Inc.'s (NASDAQ: TSLA) 1,300% runup since the start of 2020, investors are salivating at the opportunity to get in early on the next big EV stock.

For good reason too.

The electric car industry is expected to explode by 434%, from $247 billion last year to $1.3 trillion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. It's rare to see industry growth like that.

It's also why a list of car makers is lined up trying to cash in on this trend.

You've got legacy carmakers like Ford committing to make half their vehicles electric by the end of the decade, including launching an all-electric F-150, its flagship vehicle, this year. Plus, a line of startups from Lucid to Nio to Rivian all competing to own the EV space.

You can invest in these companies and hope they scoop up a big chunk of market share in a fast-growing sector.

But what makes our pick the best stock to buy here is that it's not trying to compete with Ford or Tesla - it makes money alongside the whole sector.

Shah's best stock play here is Beam Global (NASDAQ: BEEM).

Beam makes the infrastructure for EV charging. It does it all, too. It owns the patents for EV charging stations, it engineers them from the ground up, and it manufactures them.

It's a one-stop shop for making sure EV drivers have a place to charge up, which is going to be a huge demand as more and more cars go electric.

Beam is also innovating here too.

It just made the world's first transportable, solar-powered EV charging station that can charge up to 12 cars. That's the perfect solution to adding charging stations to existing infrastructure, like parking lots, stadiums, and hotels.

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But the main reason Shah loves the stock is it has decades of growth ahead of it. It's a small company with $6.2 million in revenue last year, but that makes it a true ground-floor opportunity.

The company is expected to double revenue this year, then double it again next year.

The Best Stock to Buy Now

The tech sector is where some of the most explosive stocks on the market are found. When looking for the best stocks in tech, you can't settle for middling returns or a company content with its market share. You want a transformational company.

That's why our best tech stock is Nvidia.

You see, Nvidia is more than a semiconductor business, though it is one of the best. And that's a $500 billion industry by itself.

Nvidia's chips are powering everything from cryptocurrencies to driverless cars to artificial intelligence. These are some of the most exciting sectors for growth.

Take driverless cars, for example.

Nvidia has more employees working on driverless cars than Alphabet's Waymo, an actual driverless car project. There's a good reason for that too.

As more and more companies race to develop autonomous vehicles, they'll need powerful computers to make them work. Nvidia's DRIVE Orin chip is essentially a supercomputer on a chip, made for driving technology.

That's the sort of exciting tech business we're looking for, but it's one of the best stocks to buy because it's been red-hot lately too.

After its June stock split, the share price has driven 25% higher. But that's nothing compared to what Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson predicts. His conservative prediction is that Nvidia will see 30% annual growth, which means it could double its earnings in two years.

If its price/earnings ratio stays constant, that means a potential 100% profit for investors who buy now.



What stock will grow the most in 2022? ›

Fastest Growing Stocks
Price ($)Revenue Growth (%)
American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)12.7179.5
Equitable Holdings Inc. (EQH)28.2975.2
Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp. (VAC)126.5018.9
2 more rows

What stock should a beginner buy in 2022? ›

Here are the 15 best stocks for beginners to buy in 2022:
  • Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)
  • Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG)
  • Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)
  • Costco (NASDAQ: COST)
  • Disney (NYSE: DIS)
  • Meta (NASDAQ: META)
  • Mastercard (NYSE: MA)
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

What are the 10 best stocks to own in 2022? ›

Top 10 Stocks To Consider in 2022
StockPriceMarket Cap
Devon Energy Corp. (DVN)$65.12$43.128 billion
Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO)$25.76$17.455 billion
Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM)$124.77$143.104 billion
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A)$419,869$608.826 billion
6 more rows
Sep 22, 2022

What should I invest in right now to make me rich 2022? ›

Overview: Best investments in 2022
  1. High-yield savings accounts. ...
  2. Short-term certificates of deposit. ...
  3. Short-term government bond funds. ...
  4. Series I bonds. ...
  5. Short-term corporate bond funds. ...
  6. S&P 500 index funds. ...
  7. Dividend stock funds. ...
  8. Value stock funds.

What stocks Will Boom 2022? ›

Best Stocks to Invest in 2022
  • Reliance Industries.
  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • HDFC Bank.
  • Infosys.

What companies are on the rise in 2022? ›

Scroll down to read our list of 25 fast-growing private companies in 2022.
  • OnlyFans. 5-year search growth: 8700% ...
  • StackBlitz. 5-year search growth: 99X+ ...
  • Linktree. 5-year search growth: 99X+ ...
  • Fandom. 5-year search growth: 457% ...
  • Lalamove. 5-year search growth: 700% ...
  • Preply. 5-year search growth: 1500% ...
  • Labster. ...
  • Oura Ring.
Sep 15, 2022

What stocks should I buy for 5 years? ›

Best Long Term Stocks India: Performance Overview
  • 1) Reliance Industries. ...
  • 2) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ...
  • 3) Infosys. ...
  • 4) HDFC Bank. ...
  • 5) Hindustan Unilever.
4 days ago

Which stock is best for future? ›

A detailed table with various parameters for Best Long term Stocks to buy
1Caplin Point Labs2
3Avanti Feeds2
4Tata Metaliks0.5
Sep 15, 2022

Which stock will grow in future? ›

growth stocks for future
1.EKI Energy10.26
2.Tips Industries27.04
3.Guj. Themis Bio.20.82
4.Supreme Petroch.9.84
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