DHL Shipping Calculator- International Shipping Cost Calculator (2022)

1) Introduction to DHL

A world-renowned logistics company offering international solutions for the package, express mail and courier services, DHL is a division of the German firm Deutsche Post.

Founded in San Francisco by Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn in 1969, DHL has since made its mark across the world for their international standards of quality and excellence and delivers over a billion parcels each year.

2) Shipping Services offered by DHL

Whether you are looking for a logistics company to sign up with to deliver your documents or parcels, domestic or international, small or large, DHL offers the perfect solution for every individual or business.

DHL operates in a variety of formats across the world and has a strong presence in India as DHL eCommerce Solutions, DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding. These services are enumerated below.

2.1) DHL eCommerce Solutions

Partnered with Blue Dart, DHL eCommerce Shipping Solutions offers rapid and secure domestic shipping solutions.

2.2) DHL Express

As DHL Express, it provides global logistics solutions across 220 countries.

2.3) DHL Global Forwarding

Under the DHL Global Forwarding banner, this logistics giant covers road, air and ocean freight, boosted by services such as customs consultation.

3) Factors Analyzed by DHL Shipping Calculator

While several factors affect your shipping costs, DHL Shipping Calculator begins by first analyzing your package data, pick-up and delivery information, and presents you with an initial bill with the break-up.

3.1) Package Dimensions

The first step in calculating the shipping costs is to measure the dimensions i.e. length, width, height and weight of your package.

3.2) Pick-up Data

Pick-up details such as your name, company name, postal address, phone number, and email address are required once you have entered your package details.

3.3) Delivery Data

Delivery details such as the recipient's name, company name, postal address, phone number, and email address are recorded at this stage.

3.4) Calculator

DHL Shipping Calculator calculates the shipping cost using the information provided by you. It may also offer value added services at this point such as extended liability covers and guaranteed delivery before noon at extra cost.

DHL Shipping Calculator also presents you with the bill break-up showing the base charge, tax amount and any paid services you have opted for.

DHL Shipping Calculator may calculate your shipping costs by volumetric weight or parcel weight. Volumetric weight is applicable when your parcel is light in weight but large in size.

4) Surcharges Included in DHL Shipping Calculator

Additional services and facilities that may affect your shipping costs can be found in this segment. Anything from changing information, requesting delivery after business hours, or additional handling to delivery in war-stricken territories will cost you extra by weight or by shipment.

4.1) High -Risk Shipment Activity

  • Security issues in logistics operations while shipping or importing from high-risk countries in a state of war, civil unrest or terrorism threats.
  • Destinations with trade restrictions such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, North Korea, Yemen and Syria.
  • Emergency situations across the globe may require appropriate solutions for warehousing and transportation.

4.2) Logistical Challenges

  • Shipments that require delivery and/or pick-up in remote areas that are distant or difficult to reach.
  • Correction of personal data entered during the time of booking of shipments consigned with non-electronic or paper-based waybills.
  • The shipment has incomplete, outdated or incorrect addresses.
  • Additional handling of overweight or oversized packages.
  • DHL provides Saturday delivery and pick-up in countries where Saturday is not a working day.

4.3) Special Services

  • You can choose from a convenient array of options when it comes to shipment duty such as Duty Tax Paid, Duty Tax Importer, or Duty Tax Receiver which dictates who is accountable for payment of duties, taxes or regulatory charges.
  • For delivery of goods where the value is not to be shared with the receiver, DHL will accordingly ensure any such paperwork is removed from the package before delivery.
  • Customers who have subscribed to e-billing but require a paper invoice will be charged extra for the service.
  • Customers who request a change of information on an issued invoice will be charged extra for the service.

4.4) Unique Requests

  • DHL will help you with extra resources for package preparation for irregular or seasonal shipments. For a fee, they manage waybill generation, picking and packing, labelling and delivering your goods.
  • For a fee, they offer special vehicles for unusual shipments or pickup before or after business hours.
  • For valuable goods and documents, DHL offers Shipment Protection and Extended Liability.

4.5) DHL’s GoGreen Climate Neutral Feature

  • DHL’s GoGreen Climate Neutral initiative is perfect for businesses that care about the environment and the impact of carbon footprints.
  • Charging per kilo for this special service, DHL promises to offset carbon emissions related to your shipment’s transport.
  • DHL also provides you with an estimate or detailed carbon footprint on a contractual basis.

5) Customs and Related Activities Included in DHL Shipping Calculator

5.1) DHL Global Forwarding

Under the DHL Global Forwarding banner, this logistics giant covers road, air and ocean freight, boosted by services such as customs consultation.

5.2) Paperwork

DHL takes care of completing and amending the paperwork required for customs clearance, pays penalties, taxes and duties as required by regulations.

5.3) Forwarding Agent

DHL also plays the role of forwarding agent for the shipper as well as that of the receiver to gain control of clearance purposes.

5.4) Troubleshooting Services

While they offer alternative delivery options such as no signature required, redirection or collection, and delivery on another day, in case the receiver cannot be located, refuses delivery, or refuses to pay shipment charges, DHL will charge the shipper for return to sender.

5.5) Failure-to-Pay Resolution

In case the shipper fails to pay for the return, the goods will be sold to reimburse the charges incurred by DHL and the balance may be returned to the sender.

6) Prohibited Items Under DHL Shipping Calculator

It’s always a good idea to take the time to go through the rulebook as any mistakes made will invariably incur additional costs.

While the list of allowed items is generalized, there may be some particulars in the prohibited list that you may want to take a look at.

For example, although phones feature in the allowed category, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited.

Also under the prohibited category are -

1) Original and Imitation firearms, and parts

2) Clinical and Biological sample

3) Toxic and Bio-hazardous substances

4) Radioactive substances

5) Livestock and Animals

6) Perishables

7) Tobacco Products such as Cigarettes and Cigars

8) Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards

9) Jewelry and Gemstones

10) Metal Bullions

11) Antiques and Art exceeding a 5000 Pound value

12) Alcohol

7) How to Ship and Save With DHL

DHL always has a slew of special offers and deals running on their website. From discounted online booking prices to seasonal festive deals, there's always a way to save by using the DHL Shipping Calculator to your advantage.

Considering the proliferation of student debt and loans in the world of education, DHL has a special plan on offer for international students. For those looking to study abroad, DHL offers a Pre-paid card number in the form of a code.

By loading their account with cash, or topping up as needed, students can receive their documents through the Receiver Paid service. It even sends its excess baggage door to door complete with free packaging and insurance. Using this service opens the potential for exciting discounts, package deals and offers.

8) Conclusion

Whether you are an individual or a business, DHL is armed with a range of features that can be plugged into the DHL Shipping Calculator to offer you the best possible price and safest transit for your precious cargo.

Covering both domestic and international logistics with ease, it has never been easier to ship a wide range of products by choosing a delivery time that suits your budget and purpose.

As a business using the DHL Shipping Calculator it is now possible to pre-plan your shipment and know its costs ahead of time allowing you to factor it into a customer’s delivery fee or, as an individual, decide if you’d like to wait for better deals.

9) FAQ

9.1) Does DHL charge by weight?

DHL’s Shipping charges for Domestic and International shipments are calculated by chargeable weight, i.e. the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight.

9.2) How does DHL charge for Shipping?

For a free shipping quote, it’s as easy as entering your origin and destination and shipment details on the DHL website. Instantaneously, DHL provides a bill break-up where you can see the shipping charges and taxes details.

9.3) Does DHL charge duty?

According to local customs legislation, DHL will pay the duty on behalf of the receiver to clear shipments at the destination. These are mostly configured into the shipping cost. Any unforeseen taxes or fees will be charged extra and will have to be borne by the shipper or receiver as per the contract.

9.4) How heavy can DHL Ship?

DHL parcels have a weight limit of 70 kg ( 154 lbs).

9.5) Does DHL have flat rate boxes?

In the US, DHL offers Prepaid flat-rate boxes to minimize expenses and paperwork.

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