How to Translate Speech to Text the Right Way with Google Translate (2023)

Speech to text service is becoming mainstream with each passing day. In addition, developers are continually innovating their programs to make your document processing easier. For example, you can now use google translate voice to text when you are typing a document for a diverse audience.

Below is a full guide on how to translate speech to text the right way with Google Translate. In addition, you will discover alternatives to google speech translate, including their summary and how they compare to one another.

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  1. Part1: How to translate speech to text with Google Translate?
  2. Part2: How to translate recorded speeches with Google Translate?
  3. Part3: FAQs

Part1: How to translate speech to text with Google Translate?

How to Translate Speech to Text the Right Way with Google Translate (1)

Google Translate is one of the easiest voice typing apps to use. However, before you go through the steps on how to use Google speech translate, here are a few points you need to consider:

  • You need to have an external microphone to use google speech translate. Laptop and notebook owners can rely on their in-built microphone, and desktop users will need an external one. In addition, using a headset has better results than an external microphone.
  • Ensure you allow google translate voice to text to access your device's microphone. You will find your microphone settings in the Control Panel for Windows and Preferences if you are a Mac user.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot upload audio files to Google speech translate. In addition, there is no information if subsequent updates of the app will include the feature.
  • Regarding Google speech to text pricing, the app is free to download and use. Although the service is available from the web browser, having an active Google account enables you to access its full features.
  • Although Google translate voice to text can detect your language, it does suffer accuracy issues occasionally. Therefore, confirm that you select the correct language before using the translation service.

The above points apply to all versions of Google speech translate, whether on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Now that you are aware of the app's key user points, here is how you can translate speech to text with Google Translate:

1. Launch the app from your device's home screen or the installation directory for computer users.

2. Select the languages you want to translate from the main screen using the arrow buttons on the bottom right corner of each box.

How to Translate Speech to Text the Right Way with Google Translate (2)

For example, if you want to translate English to French, English will appear in the first box and French in the other. Kindly note that the app does not detect microphone input automatically. The feature is only available for typed text.

3. Proceed to the bottom of the page and click the Microphone button to begin translating your speech to text input. Ensure you are in a quiet environment for best results.

(Video) Hold conversations using Google Translate

4. You can end your recording by clicking the Stop button.

5. You can listen to your translation by clicking the Listen button from the right box of Google speech translate. In addition, you can switch between playback speeds by pressing the Listen button repeatedly.

Part2: How to translate recorded speeches with Google Translate?

Unfortunately, Google Translate does not support the translation of audio file uploads, such as recorded speeches and music files. The service only supports translation of the following file types;

  • Docx
  • Pdf
  • Pptx
  • Xlsx

It also allows you to translate websites in your browser automatically. Here is how to translate websites with Google Translate:

  1. Click on the Websites tab from the app's home page.
  2. Select the original language as Detect Language because the app refers to its over 100-language library to determine the source language. Inputting the wrong source language will result in an incorrect translation.
  3. Type the URL you need to translate in the Website textbox and click Go to view the website in your preferred language.

So, how can you translate recorded audio using Google Translate? Follow the below steps:

Use other transcribe tools to transcript the audio.

As earlier mentioned, you can only use Google Translate with text documents and websites. As such, you need to transcribe the recorded speech using a different transcription app, then upload the transcript to Google Translate. The compatible file formats are .docx, .pdf, .pptx, and .xlsx.

Some of the transcribing apps you can use include, Trint, Rev, and Happy Scribe. In addition, check if the apps require you to purchase a subscription before using them. Although some apps offer free trials, your access may have feature limitations. For example, most apps limit transcription of recorded audio files to between five and sixty minutes, depending on the developer.

Paste to Google translate.

Once you finish transcribing the speech recording from the third-party app, ensure you save it in the file formats indicated above. You will then follow the below steps to finish translating your speech recording.

(Video) Google Translate Speech to Text

  1. Launch Google Translate on your device.
  2. Tap the Documents tab from the app's home screen.
  3. Select the Detect Language option for the left box, and choose your desired translation language for the right box. Typically, the app lists English, Spanish, and Arabic as the default language options. However, you will find additional languages by clicking the down arrow on the right. Google Translate has over 100 languages in its internal library, including Xhosa and Latin. Despite this, you should always check the translation accuracy before submitting your work. This is because the app can sometimes ignore the translation language's grammar and punctuation rules.

What's the Best Alternative to Google STT Translation?

Google translate voice to text is among the top voice typing apps in the market. However, much improvement is needed to ensure the translation is flawless. Keeping this in mind, here are the best alternatives to Google STT translation.

1. Wondershare Filmora

How to Translate Speech to Text the Right Way with Google Translate (3)

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software specific for video creators. It includes multiple tools to simplify your editing process and improve efficiency. Among the tools, you can use Filmora STT (speech to text), which allows you to transcribe your audio and video files into subtitles with a single click.

In addition, you can use the plugin to translate your subtitles in up to 16 languages. Unlike Google Translate, Filmora STT uses industry-leading algorithms to ensure its speech recognition feature is accurate. As such, you can produce near-perfect translations within a few minutes.

(Video) How To Use Transcribe In Google Translate | 2021

Filmora STT is available on Mac and Windows platforms and includes a free trial for first-time users. However, you will need a subscription to access its full functionality.

2. Other apps

The other alternative you can consider for your speech to text work is Rev. Instead of being a stand-alone app; Rev is an online transcription service catering to individuals and businesses of all levels. In addition, the company uses Artificial Intelligence and over 72,000 transcriptionists to ensure your transcripts are 99% and above accurate.

How to Translate Speech to Text the Right Way with Google Translate (4)

Rev offers you the following transcription services:

  • Audio and Video Transcription.
  • Closed Captioning.
  • Live Meeting Captioning for video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype.
  • Video Subtitling.
  • Global Translation Subtitling.

In addition, Rev offers various transcription service packages that you can purchase directly from their website. Here is a quick overview of how to use Rev for your speech to text requirements:

  • Visit the Rev website using your device's web browser.
  • Once there, you can upload the file you need to be transcribed or provide a URL to your online video conference on Zoom. Then, select the service options you require and confirm your purchase by pressing Checkout.
  • Enter your user account details to access your payment method. Then, confirm the details and finalize the purchase.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of Rev's apps for Android and iOS devices. Currently, these are the available apps:

  • Transcription App
  • Free Call Recorder App
  • Voice Recorder App
  • Caption Converter
  • Audio Trimmer and Cutter
  • Online Voice Recorder

Some of the apps listed above may feature in-app purchases to enable additional functions. Therefore, check the app's description before downloading.

Part3: FAQs

How is captioning different from transcription?

Captioning involves adding text to video clips that are in perfect timing with the on-screen dialogue. For example, you can automatically generate captions for YouTube videos by pressing the CC button on the player.

Transcription is the production of editable text from audio or video recordings. In addition, transcripts are tangible records of voice communications and contain the speakers' actual words. You can edit and format transcripts to suit different work scenarios, unlike captions.

(Video) How To Transcribe Audio To Text | Google Translate | ( Video Tutorial 2021 )

Do you need a Google account to use Google speech translate?

Yes. Google translate voice to text requires you to have an active Google account to access its full features. In addition, the app is only accessible through the Chrome web browser. Therefore, ensure you download it to your device before accessing any of Google's speech to text services.

Is Google Translate free?

Yes. Google Translate is a free speech to text service available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Free Download

Free Download


Is Google Translate accurate enough? ›

Yes, Google Translate is very accurate for the most part. In some cases, it's 94%+ accurate! In fact, it's one of the top-rated translation tools when it comes to translation accuracy, though the exact accuracy will depend on the language pairs that you've chosen.

How do I increase the accuracy of Google Translate? ›

Google Translate works best for long-form text with simple sentence structure. Using standardized, non-colloquial text will give you your best chance of receiving a pretty accurate machine translation. The more context given in the standardized sentences, the more accurate the translation will be.

How do I use Google Translate to speech to text? ›

Translate with a microphone
  1. Give your browser permission to use your microphone and check your microphone settings on your browser. ...
  2. On your computer, go to Google Translate.
  3. Choose the languages to translate to and from. ...
  4. At the bottom, click the Microphone .
  5. Speak the word or phrase you want to translate.

How often is Google Translate wrong? ›

In a recent study, Google Translate had around 85% percent accuracy. While that may seem like a high percentage, imagine if 15% of your work was translated incorrectly. Google Translate works by using an algorithm called Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) or “deep learning”.

Is there a better translation tool than Google Translate? ›

DeepL is one of the best Google Translate alternatives for people who really value accuracy, especially when it comes to grasping context and local idioms. DeepL offers an API that you can use to automatically translate your website, as well as a web interface and apps to translate text content or text files (like .

What is the best way to translate text? ›

With Tap to Translate, you can translate text from apps and you don't need to open the Google Translate app.
  1. Open an app with text you can copy.
  2. Highlight the text you want to translate. Copy.
  3. On your current screen, tap Google Translate .
  4. Choose the language you want.

Why does Google Translate not translated correctly? ›

Google Translate often produces translations that contain significant grammatical errors. This is due to the fact that Google's translation system uses a method based on language pair frequency that does not take into account grammatical rules. Google Translate does not have a system to correct for translation errors.

What is the most precise translator? ›

DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator.

How do you ensure translation quality? ›

Here are some key aspects to consider when assessing the quality of a translation:
  1. There are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  2. The translator has used the correct terminology, consistently so.
  3. The translation conveys the meaning of the source text accurately.
  4. The style is true to the source material.
25 Sept 2022

How do I translate a voice message to text? ›

Step 1: Open the Google Translate app on your Android device.
  1. Step 2: On the home screen of the Google Translate app, click on the transcribe icon.
  2. Step 3: Google will inform you that using the Google Translate voice-to-text feature will allow Google to send the audio and transcription data to its servers.
9 Sept 2022

How do I transcribe speech to text? ›

How to Transcribe Audio to Text
  1. Upload Your Audio File. ...
  2. Choose Custom Transcription Options. ...
  3. Receive & Download Your Text File. ...
  4. Set Up. ...
  5. Find Your Shorthand. ...
  6. Write What You Hear. ...
  7. Edit Your Text File. ...
  8. Export the Correct File.

What is the hardest language for Google Translate? ›

  • Google Translate is better at translating into English than any other language.
  • Spanish is the second easiest language for Google to Translate.
  • Italian and German are the hardest languages for Google to translate.
25 Oct 2022

What is the most unknown language in Google Translate? ›

8 Surprising Languages Not on Google Translate
  • Cantonese. With around 60 million native speakers, Cantonese is the official language of Hong Kong and Macau. ...
  • Odia or Oriya. Which language: ...
  • Bhojpuri. Bhojpuri is spoken in India, Nepa, Guyana, Fiji, Mauritius and Suriname. ...
  • Maithili. ...
  • Oromo. ...
  • Fula. ...
  • Quechua. ...
  • Mayan Languages.

What is the world best translator? ›

Top 10 online translators 2021
  • Google Translate.
  • Collins Dictionary Translator.
  • Bing Microsoft Translator.
  • ImTranslator.
  • Babylon Translator.
  • DeepL Translator.
  • Microsoft Translator for Windows 10.
  • Translatedict.

What is the best app to use for translation? ›

Top 10 Free Language Translation Apps for Android and iOS
  • Day Translations.
  • Speak & Translate.
  • Google Translate.
  • SayHi.
  • iTranslate.
  • TripLingo.
  • Microsoft Translator.
  • Naver Papago Translate.
13 Jun 2022

What app has the most translation? ›

It is hardly surprising that Google Translate is still the most well-known translation app. Google Translate can even translate images nowadays. With over 90 languages and 6,320 available language pairs, Google Translate has the largest language database.

How do you translate cursive? ›

Translate with handwriting or virtual keyboard
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app .
  2. Choose the languages you want to translate to and from. ...
  3. Tap the text box.
  4. At the top right, tap Handwrite . ...
  5. Under "Write here," draw a character, word, or phrase. ...
  6. When you're done, tap Translate .

Can you translate from voice? ›

Google has announced a new real-time transcription feature for its free Translate app for Android phones.

How do I translate Japanese symbols to English? ›

The Google Word Lens app offers translations for multiple languages, and one of the most recent additions is Japanese. To get it started, all you need to do is fire up the Google Translate app, point your camera at the Japanese text, and the English translation will appear on your screen.

Where can I find an accurate translator? ›

And to help you choose the best service among the thousands, we have combed through the internet to bring you 8 of the best translation websites.
  • Google Translate. ...
  • Yandex Translate. ...
  • Bing Translator. ...
  • Reverso. ...
  • Translatedict. ...
  • MyMemory Translation. ...
  • Babylon Translator. ...
  • PROMT Online Translator.
24 Jan 2022

Is there an accurate translation app? ›

iTranslate is the leading translation and dictionary app. Easily translate text, websites, or start voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages.

How can I practice translating? ›

One great way to practice translation is to choose a piece of text that interest you, translate it, and then input the translation into Google Translate. This will create what is called a “back translation”. Many translation agencies use this process to check for accuracy of their translation.

How do I change the translation settings? ›

Turn translation on or off for a specific language
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
  4. Click Languages. Language.
  5. Next to the language you'd like to use, click More . ...
  6. Turn Offer to translate pages in this language on or off.

Why translators are not accurate? ›

Disadvantages of Google Translate

Accuracy: Because Google Translate uses machine learning, languages not widely used in the tool will have a higher inaccuracy rate than more widely used languages such as Spanish or French. Translation quality varies based on the chosen language pair.

What do we call no in Spanish? ›

Even if you are an absolute beginner, you already know the two most important words in Spanish. Let me break it down for you: Sí (Yes). No (No). Great job!

Which is more accurate Google Translate or DeepL? ›

For the languages that it supports, DeepL is regarded to be a bit more accurate than Google Translate. However, DeepL Translate has a limited language selection as compared to Google Translate and also costs more money.

What is true translation? ›

Accurate translation involves the conveyance of the true meaning of the original text. If you keep the target audience in mind, you will be able to translate in the style that a specific audience prefers. Moreover, you'll be able to use the required vocabulary or spelling used by the language you are translating into.

What are 5 translation procedures? ›

Based on the findings, the writer found that the translator used seven procedures: naturalization, componential analysis, addition, transference, cultural equivalent, couplets, and transposition.

What is needed for accurate translation? ›

The key components required for translation are mRNA, ribosomes, transfer RNA (tRNA) and various enzymatic factors. mRNA: mRNA carries the sequence information for the protein to be synthesized.

How can I translate audio to text for free? ›

Happy Scribe uses speech-to-text algorithms to convert any audio recording into a text file. Our audio to text software can transcribe audio in 120+ languages and accents. If your file is shorter than 10 minutes, you will be able to transcribe it for free using the free trial.

How can I transcribe audio to text for free? ›

Step 1: Open Google docs and select 'tools,' then 'voice typing. ' ‍Step 2: Select your language, then click the microphone icon. Step 3: Play the audio you want to transcribe and Google should automatically start transcribing.

Is there an app that converts audio to text? ›

Transcribe is your own Personal Assistant for transcribing videos and voice memos into text. Leveraging almost-instant Artificial Intelligence technologies, Transcribe provides quality, readable transcriptions with just a tap of a button.

Is there an app that converts voice to text? ›

Speechnotes is a simple dictation app that will turn spoken words into text in real time. With no need to make an account, this app is quick and easy to use – just open up the app and press on the microphone icon to get started.

Is there anything more accurate than Google Translate? ›

DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator.

Which translator app is the most accurate? ›

Top 5 Translation Apps
  • Google Translate. Probably the most well-known and widely used translation apps currently available, it is a simple and easy-to-use option for those looking for a quick solution to a language issue. ...
  • Microsoft Translator. ...
  • iTranslate. ...
  • SayHi. ...
  • TripLingo.
19 Apr 2022

What is the most accurate translation website? ›

10 Best Website Translators for Accurate Content Translation
  • Google translate.
  • Yandex.
  • Bing translator.
  • Reverso.
  • Translatedict.
  • MyMemory.
  • Babylon translator.
  • PROMT online translator.
5 May 2022

What is the most accurate language on Google Translate? ›

Translation winners and losers

Of all the languages tested, just 12 scored higher than 50 percent for their Bard result. The best was Afrikaans, followed by German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Galician, Greek, Italian, and Latvian (in that order).

What is the best speak and translate app? ›

Top 10 Free Language Translation Apps for Android and iOS
  • Day Translations.
  • Speak & Translate.
  • Google Translate.
  • SayHi.
  • iTranslate.
  • TripLingo.
  • Microsoft Translator.
  • Naver Papago Translate.
13 Jun 2022

What is the best tool to translate text from one language to another? ›

1. Google Translate. Google Translate is a free online machine translation tool that helps you translate text, documents, and websites from one language to another. The tool is free and highly accessible, decorated with a simple and intuitive design.

What has happened to Google Translate? ›

Google Translate is still available for very narrow purposes and use cases. Specifically, to quote Google's official resource: [The website widget can be used by] government, non-profit, and/or non-commercial websites (for example, academic institutions) that focus on COVID-19 response.

Where can I get the perfect translation? ›

1. Google Translate. Although the effectiveness of Google Translate largely depends on the text and language involved, it is the most popular translation website out there. The site translates between languages automatically and offers a text box that can accommodate input texts of any size.

Is DeepL more accurate than Google? ›

Translation Accuracy

However, DeepL generally fares a bit better than Google Translate in blind tests, especially when it comes to European language pairs. For example, DeepL translated 119 different paragraphs using translations from DeepL, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Which language is hardest to Translate? ›

The Top 5 most difficult languages to translate and why
  • Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is the primary language spoken in China. ...
  • Arabic. Arabic is spoken in 28 countries! ...
  • Korean. Korean is a language that is believed to not descend from any other language. ...
  • Thai. Thai is the official language in Thailand. ...
  • Hungarian.
14 Oct 2021

What is the easiest language to Translate to English? ›

All the Latin-based languages, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Romanian are also a good bet, especially Spanish. All of these languages have thousands of words that are almost identical to words we already know in English, owing to the Latin roots.


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